Post Total Knee Replacement Pain

2 patients have received new pain procedure with close to 100% pain relief

Patient #1
• 56 year old
• 4 knee surgeries
• Last surgery total knee replacement
• 85 knee injections/procedures with no effect
• Implant 60% pain relief
Patient #2
• 76 years old
• Both knees had complete replacement
• 100% pain relief after
• Lead placement
• 4 leads per knee

Size of the problem of persistent pain after knee replacement

Studies show one-in-seven patients still have severe pain one year after their knee implants. Nationwide 70-thousand people already suffer with this pain and that number will skyrocket as more baby boomers get knee implants.

Dr Lipov & the Peripheral Nerve Stimulator

The knee is the latest region where Dr. Lipov has pioneered the use of a peripheral nerve stimulator.  In 2007 he was one of the first researchers to use PNS for back pain and more recently became the first physician worldwide to successfully use the technique for neck pain.

Is this procedure FDA approved?


Placing electrodes under the skin is a dramatic turnaround in pain management. In fact, the FDA has only approved this technology for use next to the spinal cord. Placing electrodes in the skin is not only safer, but it was found to be more effective than spinal stimulation for knee pain. Total of 2 patients were done by Dr Lipov, another 4 were done in Florida all with great success.

The device is FDA approved -- what is new is this application.

How is the procedure done?

The electrodes were precisely placed at the border of the skin’s dermis and epidermis. During the trial phase, the electrodes have been continuously stimulated by an external pacemaker.

Phase 1: Trial Phase

Phase 2: Full Implant

If the trial phase provides relief, then the power source and the leads are surgically implanted. The power source is controlled by the patient by a wireless device the size of a cell phone.

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